Beaded Christmas Tree Kids Craft

This beaded Christmas tree will stand on a table or you can hang in from your tree. Kids will love mixing and matching the beads to make a colorful X-mas tree deocration. Be sure to have some pipe cleaners, pony beads and your imagination for this fun kids Christmas craft.

Beaded Christmas Tree Kids Craft


  • 5 Green Pipe Cleaners
  • Several clear pony beads
  • A handful of colored pony beads

How to Make a Beaded Christmas Tree

Step 1: Take one green pipe cleaner and form a circle, twisting the two ends together.

Step 2: Cut the remaining pipe cleaners in half.

Step 3: Take each half of the green pipe cleaners (saving one for the top) and bend one end around the circle base spreading them out evenly. You should have seven pieces tied to the circle shaped pipe cleaner.

Step 4: Now thread each one with clear and colored beads, mixing and matching colors however you want to. Leave room at the top of each pipe cleaner to wrap around the top circle which we will make in just a bit.

The beading is a great job for the smaller children but just make sure they don’t put these small pony beads in their mouth.

Step 5: After each pipe cleaner is beaded, take the remaining 1/2 pipe cleaner and cut in half again. Now twist the two ends of one of the 1/4 pipe cleaner and form a small circle.

Save the other 1/4 pipe cleaner for another craft.

Step 6: Wrap the ends of each beaded pipe cleaner around the small circle to form the top of your X-mas tree. This will give it a tree shape.

To hang this beaded Christmas ornament on your tree, simply string some ribbon through the top of the tree and tie it in a knot. This kids craft ornaments can also be a standing table top Christmas tree decoration. They stand great on their own and do not require any additional support.