Christmas Wrapping Ideas For Kids

Use these Christmas wrapping ideas for kids to give your presents to friends, teachers, family members and of course don’t forget mom and dad.  Everyone will love your present even more wrapped in your own Christmas paper or box with specialized hand made Christmas tags.  And of course you will want to make Christmas cards to send to everyone as well.

Christmas Wrapping Ideas for Kids #1

Brown Paper Bag Wrapping Paper

Have your parents save the brown grocery bags next time they go shopping so you can create your own Christmas wrapping paper.  Not only will you be recycling paper but you will be adding your own artistic flair to this kids craft idea.

You can simply draw Christmas designs on the paper, use cookie cutter designs or get some stencils to help design your paper.  Or simply write some Christmas greetings on the paper in Christmas colors.


  • Brown Grocery Bags
  • Paints, markers or crayons
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Optional Decorative Ideas include;
  • Cookie cutters, stencils, beads, glitter glue, ribbon, etc.

How to make paper bag wrapping paper

Step 1Cut open the grocery bag by cutting down one of the sides.  Cut off the bottom of the bag as we won’t use this part.   
Step 2Open up the bag and run it over the edge of the table to straighten out the folds as much as you can.  Tape all four edges down to the table.  This will make it easier to decorate your wrapping paper.  
Step 3Now have the kids decorate away with what ever colors and shapes they want to use.  If you want, you can give one section to each child and have a multi themed wrapping paper or simply cut into smaller pieces of wrapping paper once it is all done.  
Step 4If you used paint, let the paint dry and then simply roll it up until you are ready to wrap a Christmas present.  

Some fun ways to decorate this Christmas wrapping idea is to add glitter while the paint is still wet (or use glitter glue).  You can add little special touches here and there like gluing cotton on a Christmas stocking or buttons for the gingerbread men.

Be careful not to add too much as you still need to wrap presents and you want it to be loose enough for wrapping and not too many obstacles. This Christmas wrapping idea has many possibilities and will allow the kids to use their imagination and be creative.

Be careful not to add too much as you still need to wrap presents and you want it to be loose enough for wrapping and not too many obstacles.

This Christmas wrapping idea has many possibilities and will allow the kids to use their imagination and be creative.

Christmas Wrapping Ideas for Kids #2

Brown Paper Bag Gift Tags

This wrapping idea is the perfect compliment to your Christmas wrapping paper. Save any excess paper bag pieces to make cute Christmas shaped gift tags.


  • Brown Paper Bags
  • Paints, markers or crayons
  • Scissors
  • String or Ribbon
  • Hole Punch
  • Optional Decorative Ideas include;
  • Cookie cutters, stencils, beads, glitter glue, ribbon, etc.
Step 1
Take a piece of brown bag big enough for your selected shape.  
Step 2Trace your shape and cut out.   
Step 3Punch a hole at the top for threading your string or ribbon.  Now decorate one side of the tag.   
Step 4Thread your string or ribbon through the hole and tie it.  Simply tape these tags to your Christmas presents by the string and write the To and From on the backside of the tag.  

These Christmas tags will look great on any Christmas present regardless of the Chrirstmas wrapping idea used.  You can add special little touches like glitter, cotton, etc.  Just be careful not to over do it as these will get tossed around under the Christmas tree when anxious kids (big and small) sift through the presents under the tree.

Christmas Wrapping Ideas for Kids #3

Christmas Cards

Everyone loves receiving Christmas cards but yours will be extra special as you can make them yourselves.  These cards will be a great addition to your Christmas wrapping ideas.  The instructions below include a Pop-Up Christmas card and handprint, thumbprint and fingerprint cards


  • Card Stock (your choice of colors)
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cookie Cutter Tree Shape (for pop-up card)

These first Christmas card ideas are easier and more fun for the younger kids.  They will design their cards using their hand print and thumb and finger prints.  Moms and Dads will need to help with placing the hands in the right place and help complete the rest of the drawing for the littler kids.

How to make a handprint Santa Christmas card and Snowman thumbprint/fingerprint card

The directions below are for the Santa handprint card but the process is the same for the snowman, but instead of a handprint, you will use a thumbprint (body of the snowman) and fingerprint (head of the snowman).  Then you simply complete each snowman your child created by creating eyes, mouth, buttons and arms with a marker.

Step 1Using colored card stock of your choice, fold in half.   
Step 2Paint your childs hand with white washable paint and have them press their hand on the front of the card where Santa’s beard will be.  Remember to have them press their hand upside down so double check the way the card will open and where you want them to place their hand.  
Step 3Once the white paint has dried, paint their thumb with pink for Santa’s rosy cheeks.  Press a thumbprint on each side of Santa’s face (refer to picture).  
Step 4With red paint, paint your child’s thumb one more time and press it in between the cheeks for Santa’s nose.   
Step 5Now complete Santa by giving him eyes (we used google eyes), a mouth and his hat.  You can use felt pieces or construction paper pieces to create the rest of Santa or simply draw them on the card with the correct marker color.

Some cute options for this Christmas card is to add white glitter glue for his hat or cotton balls.  The options are limited for Christmas wrapping ideas if you just think creatively.  The wonderful thing about these homemade craft ideas is that the person receiving them will cheerish them forever.

Now that you have some unique and crafty Christmas wrapping ideas, check out these Christmas gift ideas for kids.  You can find items to make for your teachers, moms and dads, aunts and uncles, friends and just about everyone.

The instructions below are for a one tab pop-up card in which you will glue and image or cutout of your choice.  Below these instructions is a a link for a really cut Christmas tree pop-up card.

Step 1Using the card stock color of your choice, fold in half.  Find the center of the card and cut two slits about 1/2 inch away from the center (one on each side of center) about 1 inch long.  This will form the pop up tab you will use to glue on your Christmas shape.  
Step 2Open the card and gently push the tab to the inside of the card.  Hold the tab while you reclose the card and create creases in your tab.  This is easier to understand by watching this video below.   
Step 3Now cutout your selected Christmas shape on card stock color of your choice. Decorate your shape if you want.  
Step 4Using some glue, open your card and glue on your shape.  Reclose the card and add any decorations and greetings you want on the front and inside of the card.   Option:  If you don’t want the tab to be visible from the outside of the card, simply take another piece of card stock (same size), fold in half and then glue to the first card stock with the pop-up.  

Here are some really detailed instructions on how to make a pop up Christmas Tree Card from a site that has many different pop-up templates.