Coffee Filter Ghost Crafts for Kids

This ghost crafts idea is great for younger kids as it is so easy. Teachers, caregivers, and parents alike will love tackling this Halloween craft with kids as it is quick, easy, and really inexpensive.

You will only need a coffee filter, water colors and a piece of string and something to set it one while it dries to make this scary yet cute ghost.

Kids can get creative in their color choices for the eyes and mouth. Darker colors look the best against the white coffee filter but any color will show up.


  • 1 Coffee filter (per ghost)
  • Water colors (dark colors are best)
  • String
  • Toilet paper cardboard tube
  • Round object to fit on top of tube
  • Scissors
  • Small paint brush
  • Glue
  • Large tree branch (optional)
  • Black spider webbing (optional)
  • Clear plastic cup (optional)
  • Orange tissue paper (optional)
  • Craft clay (optional)

How to Make a Coffee Filter Ghost Craft

Step 1: Set your round object on top of the cardboard tube. This will help to hold the shape of a ghost while the coffee filter dries.

Step 2: Wet the coffee filter and squeeze out excess water. Lay the filter over the cardboard tube.

Step 3: With a small paint brush, wet it and dip it into the water color of your choice. Now paint on the eyes and mouth. The color will spread creating a really cool looking ghost face.

Tip: You can use more than one color. Try putting on a dark purple, red or blue. Then dip the brush in the black and put this on top of the other color.

Step 4: Set the ghost aside to dry leaving it on the cardboard tube.

Step 5: Once the filter is dry (about 1 hour) then take a length of string and glue this to the top of the ghost.

Step 6: through are optional.

Fill a clear plastic cup with orange tissue paper around the inside of the cup. Place a large ball of craft clay inside the tissue paper. The clay is needed to hold up your tree branch.

Step 7: Find a large to medium sized tree branch and stick this in the clay while it is still moist.

Step 8: Hang all your coffee filter ghosts by tying the end of the string to the branch.

Step 9: Make your ghostly tree even more scary by adding some black webbing. You can find this at almost any store during the Halloween season. Just cut a length of the webbing and hook it around the top of the branch. Then stretch it out down and across by finding a place to hook the other end.

This ghost crafts idea was one of our favorites as the kids could make them almost faster than I could wet the coffee filters. Kids of all ages will love how this Halloween decoration looks when they are done. Place this in a spot where everyone can see as you will want to show this one off.

For even more ideas to hang on your ghostly tree check out all the ghost crafts on this site.