Colored Sand Art

This one is easy yet colorful. Kids of all ages can do this craft with little supervision from us big kids.


  • Sand or Salt
  • Colored Chalk
  • Wax Paper
  • Plastic or Glass bottles (with lids)
  • Paper (to create funnel)
  • Plastic food containers
  • Toothpicks (optional)

Be sure your bottle is clear so you can see the colored sand once you fill up your jar or bottle.

How to Make Colored Sand Art

Step 1: Lay out the wax paper on the table.

Step 2: Pour sand or salt on the paper. Take the colored chalk and rub it back and forth over the sand until it has changed to that color. Be sure to press hard as you rub the chalk to transfer the color. Repeat this for all the different colors you want and place each color in a container.

Tip: For the little ones, take a cheese shreddar or potato peeler and peel some chalk chips on top of the salt. This makes it easier for them to blend in the color.

Step 3: Take a clean, clear bottle and place it on the table.

Step 4: Roll your piece of paper into a funnel. Tape it in place. You can also use a simple food funnel it you prefer.

Step 5: Pour the colored sand through the funnel to create your sand art. Use different colors to create a unique design.

Tip: Position the tip of the funnel in different places to create a fun blend of the colors.

Step 6: Optional: To create an even more unique look, take your toothpick and poke through the sand on the side to blend the colors creating a “V” shaped look all around.

You can decorate your lid with some ribbon at other items. We glued on a few sea shells to match the beach sand theme for this kids summer craft.

If you visit the beach this summer, be sure to bring back some sand to do this kids craft idea. Or simply use table salt and make your own beach sand.