Easter Basket Crafts for Kids

Get ready for your egg hunt with these Easter basket crafts for kids. These baskets are made from simple craft supplies and household items like empty milk cartons, egg cartons, paper plates, yarn and other simple craft supplies. So decorate your Easter eggs and place them in your own basket craft kids can make.

Some of these Easter baskets are strong enough to hold many eggs while others are made for decoration or Easter candy. Either way, these Easter craft ideas are fun to make and will brighten up your Easter fun.

Easter Basket Craft #1 Easter Duck Basket

Although this duck won’t waddle he will hold many Easter eggs. This Easter basket craft is inexpensive and fairly easy. The difficult part is cutting the milk carton so let adults help with this step.

Easter Duck Basket


  • Empty Milk Carton
  • Yellow and Orange Construction Paper
  • 3 Pipe Cleaners
  • Yellow Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Double Stick Tape
  • Hot Glue
  • Large Wiggle Eyes

How to Make a Duck Easter Basket

Step 1: Place the empty milk carton on it’s side. Cut out one section only of the milk carton to create the opening for the basket.

Step 2: Using double stick tape, cover the milk carton with yellow construction paper.

Tip: Don’t worry too much if the inside is completely covered as you will be filling this with Easter grass, eggs and candy.

Step 3: Using the orange construction paper, cut out the beak and feet for the duck. You can use this template here.

Step 4: With double stick tape, place these on the basket.

Tip: When placing the top beak on the carton, bend back and then tape on. This will let the beak flip up a bit like the duck’s mouth is open.

Step 5: With yellow construction paper cut out wings and the tail. You can draw some lines to make it look more like feathers. Glue these in place.

Step 6: Twist 3 pipe cleaners together (for strength) and hot glue these to the inside of the carton (just in front of the wings).

Tip: If you don’t have yellow pipe cleaners, you can use white and then wrap some yellow yarn around the pipe cleaners or just keep it white.

Just fill your duck Easter basket with some Easter grass, eggs and candies.

Woven Yarn Basket

This one was our favorite Easter basket craft and is strong enough to hold several eggs. You can make a larger basket by using a large poster board instead of card stock.


  • Large Piece of Card Stock or Poster Board
  • Dinner Sized Paper Plate (see note below)
  • Yarn
  • 4 Pipe Cleaners
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue

How to Make a Woven Yarn Basket

Step 1: Using the dinner plate, draw a circle on your card stock.

Tip: If you want a larger basket, find a larger circle like a mixing bowl.

Step 2: Find the center of the circle and draw a smaller circle (2″ diameter). From this smaller circle draw a line from the edge of the circle to the edge of the plate.

Step 3: From that same point on the small circle, draw another line out to the edge of the plate creating a triangle (with the measurement at the end being 1 3/4″ inches (depending on the size of your larger circle).

Step 4: Measure approximately 2 3/4″ inches from the triangle and mark this spot. Make another triangle that is appox. 1 3/4″ inches at the long end and coming to a point on the smaller circle (see picture to the left).

Step 5: Repeat this until you have seven equal triangles. Cut out the triangles which will leave you with 7 “petals” to weaving your yarn.

Tip: You can create more than 7 sections just so long as the sections you have are an odd number and evenly spaced.

Step 6: Take your yarn and create a knot. Place the knot on the inside of the paper and begin weaving around the sections. To weave you will alternate from placing the yarn in front and then in back (or in and out) of the next section.

Step 7: Continue to weave until you have reached 1/4″ inch from the top.

Tip: If you want to use multiple colors of yarn, simply weave with one color several times around. Then but the yarn (on the inside of the basket) and tie this end to your next color of yarn. Repeat this for as many different colors or design you want.

Step 8: Once you have reached 1/4″ from the top, cut the yarn and tie it off. Using your hot glue, fold over (to the inside) the remaining paper. This will help hold the yarn in place.

Step 9: Finish off your basket by gluing some ribbon around the outside and inside (to help hide the paper). Twist two pipe cleaners. Repeat with two other pipe cleaners. Then twist these together to form the handle.Hot glue the handle to the inside of the basket.

Tip: You can cover your handle with the ribbon as well to keep the same look to the handle.

This basket looks great and is sturdy. This one can hold up to 6 eggs and your Easter candy. This makes a perfect Easter gift as well. You can fill it with Easter goodies and give it to family members, teachers or even mom or dad.

Easter Basket Craft #3 Egg Carton Mini Basket

These are small and really easy. These inexpensive Easter basket crafts kids can make are perfect for displaying individual eggs or as an individual placeholder or candy dish.


  • Cardboard Egg Carton
  • Exacto Knife
  • Paint
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Glue
  • Construction Paper

How to Make a Mini Egg Carton Basket

Step 1: Have an adult use the exacto knife to cut out one (or more) sections of the egg carton.

Step 2: Paint the outside of the carton and allow to dry.

Step 3: Cut the pipe cleaner in half and glue to egg carton to create a handle.

Step 4: Cut an egg shape with construction paper and write the person’s name on the paper.

Step 5: Glue this to the back of the mini basket.

Place an egg in your mini basket of fill with candy to create a candy dish placeholder. You can also create a larger basket by using 2 or more sections of the egg carton.

Easter Basket Crafts #4 Paper Plate Laced Basket

This one is inexpensive and easy to make. It’s not as sturdy as the others but will hold 4 or 5 eggs plus some goodies.

Paper Plate Laced Basket


  • 2 Dinner Sized Paper Plates
  • Old CD
  • Markers or Crayons
  • Ribbon
  • Hole Punch
  • Hot Glue

How to Make a Laced Easter Basket

Step 1: Place the 2 paper plates together and place them facing up on the table. Decorate the front and back of the plate.

Tip: Use two plates for strength. If you don’t plan on putting eggs in the basket one plate will work.

Step 2:Place a CD label on the CD and decorate this the same as your plate.

Step 3: Hot glue the CD in the middle of the plate. This is the bottom of your basket.

Step 4: Draw a line from the end of the CD out to the edge of the plate. Repeat this to creat 9 evenly spaced lines.

Step 5: Round off the top of each section creating a flower petal look.

Step 6: Punch 2 holes in each petal. Thread your ribbon through each of the 2 holes in the 9 petals. Tie the ribbon together and tighten it up to form the basket.

Step 7: Glue on some ribbon for a handle or you can use pipe cleaners as well.

This Easter basket is inexpensive and fairly easy for the little ones. It will hold several eggs and your candy.