Fabric Christmas Wreath

Kids Christmas Crafts

This fabric Christmas wreath craft looks so elegant when it’s done. Kids who can tie their shoes can do this craft as it requires cutting and tying the cloth pieces. Parents and teachers can help with the shaping and other steps if needed. This kids Christmas crafts project can be inexpensive if you simply use old scrap clothing and cut it up. So dig through the closets and find some old clothes in Xmas colors to make this Xmas wreath.

This cloth wreath craft idea can be used for all occassions, so if you don’t have Christmas colored cloth or you want to make this for another holiday, just follow the same steps but with the colors for your occassion.

Scroll through this page to see the list of craft supplies needed, step by step instructions and a picture of the completed fabric wreath kids craft. Below this project there are links to more kids Christmas crafts including a couple more wreaths you can try. So make one for yourself and one as a gift.


  • 1 Metal Coat Hanger
  • Several Scraps of Cloth
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (optional)

How to Make a Fabric Christmas Wreath Craft

Step 1Take your coat hanger and stretch and shape it into a circle. Don’t worry if it is not exactly perfect. As you put the cloth on you won’t be able to tell if this is not an exact circle.
Step 2Pick out the scraps of cloth you want. Decide on how many different colors you will be using.
Step 3Cut several 2 inch wide by 7 inches long strips of the cloth. The more strips you use the fuller your wreath will be.   Use a ruler if you want to measure or you can just estimate. The exact width and length is not too important for this fabric Christmas wreath just so long as they are close. You can always trim off any excess if some are too long.
Step 4Now begin to tie each strip onto the coat hanger in the pattern you want. We did 5 strips per each color we used and alternated each color. Your pattern can be anything you want.
Step 5Keep adding strips and push together to fill in your wreath.
Step 6Once you are done, simply push down the top of the coat hanger behind the wreath. Use this to hang on the door or wall.

You can add some ribbon at the bottom of your fabric Christmas wreath but it is not necessary as these look so elegant without any adornments.