Frog Paper Bag Puppet Crafts for Kids

Get “hopping” with this cute frog paper bag puppet for kids. Going “green” was never more fun with this easy, quick and inexpensive animal puppets craft idea. Paper bag crafts make the perfect craft idea for kids of all ages. Not only are they easy and inexpensive, but you can make just about anything you can imagine.

We used a fun lime green paper bag for our frog but you can use a simple brown paper bag and use green markers or paint. Or leave your frog brown and add some color with accessories and spots.


  • Green Paper Bag
  • Green Construction Paper
  • Craft Foam
  • 1 red pipe cleaner
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker
  • White Marker or crayons
  • Various colored markers

How to Make a Frog Paper Bag Puppet

Step 1: Place your paper bag on the table with the bottom of the bag (the flap) facing up.

Step 2: Trace out your frog’s head on green paper. You can draw your own or use this template here. Cut out the head and glue this to the flap of the bag positioning the bottom just at the opening for the mouth.

Step 3: Trace and cut out the frog’s arms and legs. Glue the arms to the side of the bag (inside the fold on the side facing front). Glue the legs to the inside front part of the bottom (opening) of the bag.

Step 4: Cut out two eyes using green paper. Cut these in an oval shape. Draw a line half way down to create the eyelids. Leave this part green or color it to look like eyeshadow with your favorite color. Draw two large black circles just below the eyelids and fill in with black. Now color in the remaining section of the eyes white.

Step 5: Add some colorful spots on your frog using some yellow, brown, maroon and dark green markers (or pick your favorite colors). Draw these spots around the face in different places and sizes. Also add some spots to the body.

Step 6: Now take your red pipe cleaner and shape it to look like a frog’s tongue. Glue this to the bag underneath the flap.

When you put this frog paper bag puppet on your hand and move his mouth, it will look like he is flicking his tongue trying to catch a fly. You can have hours of fun pretending to be an elephant with your paper bag puppet crafts for kids. As you move the flap back and forth, just make a big elephant sound and stomp your feet like in a stampede.