Ghost Crafts for Halloween

Ghost Doorknob Hanger

This ghost crafts idea can hang from any door around the house or classroom. This one is simple as it just requires some cutting and gluing and it’s ready to hang.

You can accessorize your ghost or just leave him white to hang on the door. With just some craft foam or sturdy white paper, some scissors and your artistic hand to trace out the ghost you can create one for every door.


  • White craft foam or sturdy paper
  • Black Felt or paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil (for tracing)

How to Make a Doorknob Hanger Ghost Craft

Step 1: Trace out a ghost shape on white foam or paper. Make sure the ghost is large enough to create a large enough hole for the mouth to fit around the doorknob.

Step 2: Cut out the ghost. Cut out some eyes with black felt or paper and glue these in place.

Step 3: Using a jar lid or other round object as a template, trace out the mouth area. Cut this circle out. You will hang your ghost with the mouth area.

Step 4: Accessorize your ghost with a black bow tie or something of your choice. Glue this in place.

You can create other Halloween scene doorknob hangers with this process. Just trace and cut out your design. For instance, try a black cat and make the tail curl to hang on the door. You can even make a Halloween treat bag where the handle of the bag will hang on the door.

Try making a stack of pumpkins where the one of the bottom is the biggest and they get smaller. Cut it out where the stem on the last pumpkin curls around to hang on the door.

The possibilities for these Halloween decoration ideas are endless.