Halloween Paper Pumpkin Craft

This is not your typical paper pumpkin craft. This 3D pumpkin has many faces and is a great addition to your Halloween decorations and kids craft ideas.

This is an easy and inexpensive craft but will require your imagination to give this guy some character. Each side can be a different face so you can have a happy pumpkin or a sad one or even a scary or angry face.

You can draw them free hand or find some fun and neat pumpkin carving stencils. No matter what face you use on this Halloween paper craft, this 3D pumpkin will look great in any classroom or house.

Halloween Paper Pumpkin Craft


  • 3 Sheets orange card stock
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Make a 3D Paper Pumpkin Craft

Step 1: Cut out three identical shaped pumpkins using the orange card stock making the bottom of the pumpkin flat for standing. Use a full sheet for each pumpkin for a bigger one or use just half a sheet for a smaller one.

Step 2: Before you draw on the faces make sure you are drawing on the right side. Fold each pumpkin in half. Then match up two of the pumpkins at the fold. The third pumpkin will match up to the first two pumpkin halves that are still free. This will be how you glue these so place each pumpkin on the table facing up on the side you need to draw the face. Don’t glue these together yet.

Step 3: Draw three different faces on each pumpkin using the center fold as a guide for the middle of the pumpkin. Use a black marker for this. You can fill in the face parts or just outline them with the marker.

Step 4: Now glue these together. Take two of the pumpkins and glue together on one half side of each pumpkin (leaving the other half available for the last pumpkin).

Step 5: Glue the last pumpkin to the two available sides creating a 3D paper pumpkin. Now just fold this back out and set this on the table. Each day you can rotat

Paper Pumpkin Craft

Now just fold this back out and set this on the table. Each day you can rotate the face that is showing. This will keep your friends guessing as to which face they will see next.

This makes a great centerpiece as well so that each person setting at the table has a different pumpkin face to look at.