Halloween Pumpkin Patch Craft

This pumpkin patch craft makes for a great surprise Halloween treat box. You can make your pumpkin patch with a fall scene or do a haunted scene.

The instructions below are for a haunted pop-up pumpkin patch with scary ghosts, spider webs, flying bats and a full moon.

This kids craft project is not an easy one but will be well worth the time and effort. Your friends and family will love opening the box to see the surprise inside.

You can add some fun treats inside or fill it with more scary items like plastic spiders or a casket.

Halloween Pumpkin Patch Craft


  • 1 Box with the lid attached like a small pizza box
  • Black construction paper
  • Orange card stock or craft foam
  • White, brown and dark gray paper
  • White yarn or string
  • Black marker
  • Light cardboard
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Hot glue
  • Double stick tape

How to Make a Haunted Pop-up Pumpkin Patch

Step 1: To start your haunted pumpkin patch craft, cover the box with paper using double stick tape. We choose black paper and left a little bit of the red box showing. Decorate the outside of the box.

You can create scary ghosts, witches or just some words. Whatever you want the outside to look like is fine.

Step 2: Cut out several pumpkins using the orange paper. Give each one a different face and make some larger than the others. You can use markers to make the faces or use cut outs and glue them on.

Step 3: Cut two pieces of thin cardboard the length of the box. The width will depend on the size of your pumpkins. Fold each cardboard to where you have about 1 to 2″ on one side of the fold. This is the portion you will glue to the bottom of the box.

Step 4: Now to determine how much of the cardboard you need for the part that will flip up you need your pumpkins. Place the larger ones in back and up on the cardboard slightly. Practice fit your cardboard section by placing the folded end (that will be glued down) to the back of the box.

Bend it over to where the rest on the cardboard is laying down. Now place your larger pumpkins about half way down and see if they lay flat. If not, trim off some of the cardboard until they lay down flat when the box will be closed. Glue these pumpkins to the front flap of the cardboard (the part that will lay down when closed).

Glue the bottom of the cardboard in the box.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 with the smaller pumpkins and practice fit these by place the cardboard bottom up against the other piece of cardboard already glued in. Glue on these pumpkins and this piece of cardboard.

Step 6: Now decorate the inside portion of the lid with a scary design. We used ghosts, bats a full moon and some stars. Don’t create the spider webs yet as this is the part the will pop-up the pumpkins when the lid is opened.

Step 7: To create the spider web for this pumpkin patch craft you will need white yarn or string and some hot glue. This piece is the hard part and will need an adult to help. Glue on one end of the string to the back of the cardboard closest to the back. Now pull the string tight and glue this to the lid so that the pumpkins are pulled up when the lid is opened.

Repeat this several times on one side of the box until you have something that resembles a spider web and holds the pumpkins up. Do this for the other side so you have two spider webs. Then take some string and glue them from one web to the other so that it crosses over your haunted picture.

Tip: you may need to create some webbing from the first row of pumpkins to the second row to help these stand up as well.

You can add more Halloween cut outs or stickers to the bottom of the box to fill this in. We put some Halloween candy in there to turn this scary pumpkin patch craft into a treat box.