Hand Turkey Crafts for Kids

Gobble, Gobble, it’s time to make some hand turkey crafts for kids. These cool craft ideas for kids have been passed down from generation to generation in celebration of Thanksgiving. The whole family can get it on the fun with these Thanksgiving crafts for kids.

Each turkey craft will list the supplies needed and step by step instructions. Add your own creativity to these traditional Thanksgiving crafts to make them more fun and unique.

To see the instructions for each hand turkey craft, just scroll through the page or use the links below to jump to the craft you want to do.

Painted Hand Turkey Craft for Kids

This one is fun and messy. This is great for kids who love hand painting or the little ones who can’t easily trace their hand.


  • White Construction Paper
  • Hand paints (brown plus four other colors of your choice)
  • Black Marker or Crayon
  • Red Marker or Crayon
  • Orange Marker or Crayon
  • Paper Plate
  • Paint Brush (1 required – recommend 5; one for each color)
  • Scissors

How to make a hand painted turkey

Step 1: Get out your paints and pour a small dab onto a paper plate (more brown than the other colors).

Note: It’s easier to have a separate paint brush for each color, but you only need one. If using just one, have a cup of water handy to rinse the brush in between each color.

Step 2: Set the white construction paper flat on the table. Taking a paint brush, brush the brown paint on the palm of the hand and the thumb. This will make the body and the head of the turkey.

Step 3: Brush on a different color on each finger. Make sure to be generous with the paint as you want it to stick to the paper.

Step 4: Now have your child place their hand on the white construction paper with fingers and thumb spread out. Be sure to press hard enough to transfer the paint to the paper. Lift hand straight up off the paper and allow the paint to dry.

Step 5: Now it’s time to add the eyes, wattle and some feet. With the black marker, make a small black dot on the edge of the thumb nail (and slightly off center towards the top).

Step 6: Using the orange marker or crayon, draw a beak at the end of the thumb print.

Step 7: Now take the red marker or crayon and create the “wattle” (the small loose skin a turkey has under the chin).

Step 8: For the feet use either the red or orange crayon or marker and draw the legs and feet. Moms and dads may have to help the little ones do the drawing.

You can hang your hand turkeys up on the wall for decoration. If you want, you can glue the turkey onto another colored piece of construction paper to create a mat for a wall hanging.

Have your kids sign and date them and bring them out each year to see what they made way back when.

Moms and dads beware, this is one hand turkey craft the kids will want to do all day long, so have plenty of paint handy or plan for additional Thanksgiving kids crafts.

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Hand Turkey Crafts #2

This is another fun craft using your hands without the messy paints. For this turkey your handprints will be the arms of the turkey.


  • Brown and white construction paper
  • Fall colored paper or craft foam
  • Feathers
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

How to Make a Handprint Turkey

Step 1: Using the brown paper, cut out a turkey shape (minus the feathers, arms and feet). Make sure it is large enough for the size of the handprints that will be used.

Step 2: Trace your hand on the brown paper and cut it out. Repeat for a second handprint.

Tip: You can trace your hand just once and then fold the paper in half (with the full handprint showing). Then simply cut it out to create two handprints.

Step 3: Glue the two handprints to the sides of the turkey with the thumbs facing up.

Step 4: With the white paper, cut out a large arch shape to fit behind the turkey’s head. Glue this to the back of the turkey.

This is where you will glue on the turkey’s feathers.

Step 5: Using your fall colored paper, cut out several turkey feathers. Arrange and glue these along the white paper around the turkey’s head.

Step 6: Glue several real feathers between your cutout feathers. This gives the turkey craft a little extra touch.

Tip: If you don’t have real feathers, just cut some more paper feathers to fill it in.

Step 7: Cut out a beak and wattle using your paper. Glue on two wiggle eyes, the beak and the wattle.

Tip: Glue the beak at the top only so you can slide your wattle underneath.

Step 8: Lastly cut out two feet using your paper. Glue these to the bottom of the turkey.

This makes a great Thanksgiving decoration you can hang on your wall. Be sure to put your child’s name and date on the back so you can look back over the years to see how big their hands have gotten since they made this kids Thanksgiving craft.