Leprechaun Crafts for Kids

Check out these leprechaun crafts for kids. You can make your own funny leprechaun or St. Patrick’s Day decorations using leprechauns. Use these kids craft ideas to decorate your table and house for a St. Patty’s Day party.

Hang your lucky Leprechaun so everyone can see the spirit of the Irish in you. Get out some green craft supplies and get ready for some crafting fun.

Leprechaun Craft #1
Leprechaun Face Mobile

This leprechaun craft is just too cute. Your leprechaun face can be however you want to make him. Give a red beard or a pink nose. You can give him wide eyes or squinty eyes. Use your imagination to make your leprechaun face.


  • Colored Sheets of Craft Foam
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Paper Plate
  • Markers
  • Google Eyes (optional)

How to Make a Leprechaun Face Mobile

Step 1: Print out this leprechaun face template.

Tip: You can make your own face or find your own picture as well.

Step 2: Cut out the different parts of the template. Trace these shapes onto the different colored craft foam and cut them out.

Tip: Make the hat green for St. Patrick’s Day. All other color choices are up to you.

Step 3: Cut a paper plate in half and then cut out the center (leaving just the outer rim). Color this with markers to make a rainbow.

Step 4: Place your paper plate on the table and arrange the leprechaun pieces below the rainbow.

Step 5: Hot glue the string to each of the pieces. You will need several pieces of string to hold together all the parts of the face.

Tip: It’s easiest to start in the middle and work your way to each end of the face

Step 6: Now glue a piece of string (looped) at the top of the plate for hanging.

Because some of the craft foam pieces are small you may need help to cut these out. Also, it’s easier if you hot glue some of the pieces together (like the ears to the beard) before you glue to the string.

St Patricks Day Craft #2
Leprechaun Hat Placeholder

You can make sure everyone is sitting in their assigned seat for your St. Patty’s Day party with these cute little leprechaun craft placeholders.


  • Small Dixie Cups
  • Green Construction Paper
  • Black and colored construction paper
  • Green Pipe Cleaner
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Double Stick Tape
  • Hole Punch

How to Make a Leprechaun Hat Placeholder

Step 1: Turn the dixie cup upside down and cover with green construction paper.

Step 2: Cut a strip of black construction paper and tape this to the hat (to form the buckle).

Step 3: Using the color of your choice, cut out a circle about the width of the buckle. Punch a hole in the middle and tape to the belt.

Step 4: Poke a hole in the back of the placeholder. Thread a green pipe cleaner through the hole and bend back to hold in place.

Step 5: Cut out a green shamrock with green paper. Write the person’s name on the shamrock.

Step 6: Punch a hole in the shamrock and attach to the hat with the pipe cleaner.

These will look great at the table for your party.