Owl Paper Bag Puppet for Kids

This owl paper bag puppet for kids is a “hooting” fun kids craft idea. With just a couple of small lunch bags, scissors, glue and a marker, you can have a wise old owl in a short time.

Paper bag animals are a great kids craft idea because they are not only inexpensive and easy, but the possibilities are endless. Kids can make just about any animal they can imagine.

So if your little one is as wise as the owl, then they will be able to complete this paper bag puppet in no time at all and be hooting and flying through the house with their new owl puppet.

Owl Paper Bag Puppet for Kids


  • 2 Brown Paper Bags
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black and Brown Marker
  • White Marker or crayons

How to Make an Owl Paper Bag Puppet

Step 1: Place your paper bag on the table with the bottom of the bag (the flap) facing up.

Step 2: Using the black marker, draw out some eyes. Fill in the eyes with your white crayon. Create a pupil for each eye with your black marker.

Step 3: Take your second paper bag and cut out some wings. Create jagged edges to look like feathers. Glue these to each side of the bag.

Step 4: Cut out some ears and glue these to the back of the bag.

Tip: Put your hand in the bag so you can glue the ears in a place that they will show when you are using your owl as a puppet.

Step 5: Now cut out some body feathers with the remaining pieces of the paper bag. Outline each feather shape with a brown marker. Glue these on the front of the bag (the owl’s body) overlapping to make it look like feathers.

Just place your hand in the bag, place your fingers in the tab section and open this owl’s mouth and make a hooting sound. You can pretend to fly around the house or classroom with this fun animal puppet craft for kids.