Paper Bag Bat Craft for Kids

This paper bag bat craft is a perfect craft idea for kids to make this Halloween. With a paper bag, some construction paper or card stock, glue and scissors your kids can have a fun flying bat for this Halloween. Have them place their hand in the bag and this craft idea turns into a fun hand puppet they can play with.


  • Paper Bag (black or brown)
  • Red, black and white construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Make a Paper Bag Bat Craft

Step 1: Place the paper bag so that the flap is facing you. This will be the front of the bat and the flap is his mouth.

Step 2: Using the black paper, cut out two large wings. Glue these to the back of the bat on each side.

Step 3: Using the red paper, cut out two large circles for the eyes. Cut out two smaller circles using the white paper. Glue these together. Now cut out two even smaller circles using black paper for the pupils and glue these on each eye. Glue the eyes above the flap near the top fold.

Tip: Instead of using black paper you can use a black marker to make the pupils.

Step 4: Cut out two triangles and glue these to the back of the bag at the top to make the bat’s ears.

Step 5: Lastly cut out some fangs using the red paper. You can use white if you prefer. Glue the fangs to the flap near the fold. Position these to be slightly to the side of the center.

That’s all there is to this paper bag bat craft. You can add some accessories like a bow tie, ribbon, buttons or more. Try using different colors like brown and purple or even bright colors like yellow and green. You can use wiggle eyes or even pom poms to make the bat scarier looking.

Try making many different paper bag Halloween crafts. You can do a witch or a spider with black bags, a pumpkin, scarecrow or even an owl with orange bags. The possibilities are endless.

Just use your imagination and some paper cutouts to make many puppets for your Halloween party.