Paper Bag Butterfly Craft for Kids

This paper bag butterfly craft for kids is a very colorful craft project. Butterflies are favorites among many young crafters. You can use bright colors and pretty decorations on the wings.

This kids craft idea is easy and inexpensive. Of course there is some drying time with the colorful paint, but this butterfly is well worth the wait.

The directions below are using the colors we selected but you can make yours any colors you want. You can start with a simple brown paper bag and paint it or find a colorful paper bag as your starting point.


  • Paper Bag
  • Blue, Purple and Yellow Paint
  • Blue, Purple and Yellow Paper
  • Medium Purple Pom Pom
  • 2 Small Yellow Pom Poms
  • Blue Pipe Cleaner
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to Make a Paper Bag Butterfly

Step 1: Open your bag and place it on the table with the bottom side up. Paint the bag with blue paint. Let this dry partially.

Step 2: While the blue paint is still a bit wet, add some purple paint creating bold purple streaks throughout your butterfly. Now add some yellow streaks as well while the paint is still a bit wet.

Step 3: While the paint is drying, cut out some butterfly wings. We made ours heart shaped, but you can use what ever shape you want. Trace out four wings on a stack of paper (light purple, yellow, blue and dark purple).

Step 4: Cut out the wings with the paper still stacked together. Take one of these cut outs and set aside. With the remaining wings, cut about 1/4″ to a 1/2″ around the edge (to make this next layer). Take one of these and set aside.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 with the remaining wing cut outs until each layer is slightly smaller than the other layer. Now glue these together with the largest wing on bottom and the smallest on top.

Step 6: Add some decorations to your wings. You can use markers, crayons or stickers. We used some flowers and dots to add to our butterfy wings.

Step 7: Glue two of the wing sections together. Repeat for the other two wings. Now glue these to the bag. Stand your bag up to make sure the wings do not go lower than the bag so this butterfly can stand up when you are done.

Step 8: Glue the purple pom pom on top of the butterfly (the bottom section of the bag). Cut a pipe cleaner into two sections for the antanae. Glue on two small pom poms on the end of the pipe cleaners. Glue these to the butterfly’s head.

There you have it. A beautiful paper bag butterfly. This little guy won’t actually fly away but it will look great sitting on your table or dresser. Be sure to show off your butterfly to your parents, teachers and friends.