Paper Bag Giraffe Craft for Kids

Try this tall paper bag giraffe for a fun and fairly easy kids craft idea. This animal crafts idea uses a simple paper bag, some markers, glue, scissors and other simple craft supplies.

So not only will this giraffe tower over your other paper bag crafts but he will be inexpensive to make. You can make a whole family of giraffes with different sized bags.

Add some additional paper bag animals and make a whole zoo or African safari with your paper bags.


  • Medium to Large sized Brown Paper Bag
  • Orange and Brown Paper
  • Brown and Black Marker
  • Orange Pipe Cleaner
  • Orange Pom Pom
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Ruler

How to Make a Paper Bag Giraffe Craft

Step 1: The bottom of your bag will be the back of your giraffe. Lay your bag flat on the table with the bottom flap facing you. Trace a line (the width of a ruler) from where the flap ends to the bottom of the bag at all four corners of the bag.

Tip: For a shorter giraffe, cut off a portion of the bag at the opening of the bag.

Step 2: Cut along each line. Then cut out the middle section between the lines to create the body and legs of the giraffe. See picture to the right.

Step 3: Add the giraffe’s spots with a brown marker along the top of the body (the bottom of the bag) and part way down each of the legs.

Step 4: Using the brown paper, cut out a giraffe’s neck and head all in one piece. Make the head a triangle shape with the triangle point cut off (squared) for the nose.

Step 5: Add spots to the giraffe’s neck and head. Glue on wiggle eyes and draw in some eyelashes. Add two small dots for the nose.

Step 6: Add support to each leg with cardboard. An empty cereal box works great for this. Just cut the four corners of a cereal box slightly thinner than the giraffe’s legs. Secure the cardboard in place with glue or tape.

Step 7: Stand your giraffe up to make sure all legs are still even. Glue on the neck/head at one end of the bag.

Tip: To help hold up the giraffe’s neck use a piece of cardboard under the neck. Create folds in the head to form a flat section and bend down the triangle shaped face.

Step 8: Take an orange pipe cleaner and glue on an orange pom pom at one end. You can pull the orange pom pom a bit to make his tail less round and longer looking. Bend the pipe cleaner to shape the tail and glue this to the back end of the giraffe.

Step 9: Cut a length of orange paper about 1 1/2″ wide that will go from the top of the head to half way down the back. Fold this strip over by 1/2″ on both sides (leaving a 1/2″ for gluing onto the giraffe). Cut small slits on both sides and “feather” it to form the giraffe’s mane. Glue this along the head and back.

Let the glue dry completely on your paper bag giraffe before trying to pick up this cute guy. Place this on your table or dresser. You can even make more animal crafts and create a safari or zoo setting.