Paper Bag Pumpkins for Halloween

Paper bag pumpkins make a great Halloween decoration or even a fun puppet for kids. This kids craft idea takes a simple paper bag and turns it into a fun and adorable looking pumpkin puppet. You don’t have to make a puppet but can simply decorate the bag and set them around the house for decoration.

You can fill in the bag to make the pumpkin more rounded or leave the bag is and put a small battery operated tea light under the bag to illuminate your Halloween decoration.

The directions below are for the puppet craft idea but to make the other variations just follow the same basic steps and instead of adding feet and legs, just simply leave it as is and set them out around the house or classroom.


  • 1 Paper bag (orange or brown)
  • Orange paint (if using brown bag)
  • 4 Orange pipe cleaners
  • Green felt or paper
  • Black paper
  • Pumpkin eyes (from carving kits)
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Make a Paper Bag Pumpkins

Step 1: If you have a brown bag paint this orange and let it dry. If you purchased an orange bag then go to step 2.

Step 2: Lay the bag on the table the where the flap (the bottom of the bag) is facing you. This will be the front of the pumpkin.

Step 3: Glue on some fun eyes from a pumpkin carving kit or cut out your own.

Step 4: With the marker add a nose. Add a mouth where the upper lip is above the flap and the lower lip is below the flap.

Step 5: Cut out a green or brown stem and glue this to the top back part of the paper bag.

Step 6: Take an orange pipe cleaner and fold it in half and twist together. Fold in half again and twist together again. Repeat this for another orange pipe cleaner. Bend slightly to form elbows. Glue these in between the sides of the bag making sure you only glue to one side (the side closest to the front of the pumpkin). These become the pumpkin’s arms.

Step 7: Take another orange pipe cleaner and fold in half. Twist together. Now bend and shape it to form a leg. Repeat this with the last pipe cleaner. Glue these to the inside of the bag (at the bottom of the pumpkin). You can bend these any way you like.

For this paper bag pumpkin craft we added a bat shaped bow tie and drew on some spider buttons. So go ahead and accessorize your pumpkin puppet with buttons, a hat, a ribbon or tie. Kids can just place their hands in this bag to make this pumpkin come alive.