Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

This paper plate Christmas wreath craft for kids is so pretty and is inexpensive. Make several and give some as gifts to teachers, neighbors and family members.  looks so elegant when it’s done. With a Christmas scene in the center of the plate and cardboard tubes and tissue paper around the edge, this kids Christmas craft idea really brightens up the house or classroom.

You can hang it on the wall or on the door for some nice Xmas decoration.   Use your imagination to make your wreath craft unique. You can use pictures in the center or paint some colorful using stencils and free hand. Add some holly leaves around the edges as well to really add to this craft. The possibilities of colors, pictures and additions are up to you.

Below are the instructions, list of craft supplies and a picture of the completed craft project. Additionally on this page below this kids craft are more links to other wreaths and kids Christmas crafts. So be sure to check them all out and make more than one wreath and Xmas crafts.


  • 1 Sturdy Paper Plate
  • 2 – 3 Cardboard Tubes
  • Green Paint
  • Xmas Colored Tissue Paper
  • Green Craft Foam or Paper
  • Red Beads or Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Make a Paper Plate Christmas Wreath Craft

Step 1Cut the rim off the paper plate so that all you have left is the center. Paint this green (or the color you want) and set aside to dry.
Step 2Cut your paper tubes (toilet paper roll or paper towel roll) into 1 inch sections. Make sure you have enough to go around the edge of the paper plate.
Step 3Cut one end of the paper tubes with a scallop using your scissors. As an option you can use fancy craft scissors to create your fancy edging.
Step 4Paint your tubes inside and out and on the scalloped edge with green paint. Set aside to dry.
Step 5While the paint is drying, cut out several leaf shapes with green craft foam or construction paper. Glue together three leaves. Now glue on two red beads or cut out red circles to finish the holly leaves. Set aside for now.
Step 6Once the paint is dry, cut out a Christmas picture to glue to the middle of the plate. As an option you can paint on a Christmas scene or picture. We used stencils to put our snowman in the middle.   Tip: Place the tubes around the plate to see exactly how much space you have in the middle for your picture or painting before you put the picture in place.
Step 7Now glue on your painted cardboard tubes with the flat side on the plate. Glue these around the edge of the plate.
Step 8Take the colored tissue paper and cut large squares. Bunch these up and stuff them in the cardboard tubes to make them look like roses or flowers around your paper plate Christmas wreath.   Tip: These will stay in on their own but to play it safe you can put a dab of glue on the bottom and then push into the tube.
Step 9Take your holly leaves and glue these in between the tubes on the outer edge of your paper plate Christmas wreath. Leave the spot between the two tubes at the very bottom open. Use this space to glue on a ribbon to finish off this paper plate wreath craft.

To hang this paper plate Christmas wreath just glue on a hook or Christmas ornament hanger on the back of the plate near the top. You can also use string or yarn glued on to create a loop.