Paper Plate Frog Crafts for Kids

This paper plate frog is not only an adorable paper plate craft for kids, but you can turn this cute little guy into a fun pull toy for the little ones.

With just a sturdy paper plate, some construction paper or card stock, paint and other simple craft supplies your kids can make this fun animal craft.

This frog craft lists the supplies needed, directions and pictures of this adorable animal crafts for kids. Remember, you don’t have to do all the directions as the pull toy portion is optional.

He will still look great with his buggy eyes just sitting there looking like he is ready to hop.


  • 1 Sturdy Oval Shaped Plate
  • Light Green Paint
  • Green Card Stock or Craft Foam
  • Red and Green Construction Paper
  • Toilet Paper Cardboard Roll
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Dark Green Yarn or Paint

The following supplies are needed to make this frog craft into a pull toy.

  • Green Yarn
  • Large Wooden Bead
  • Two Straws
  • 4 Small to Medium Wooden Beads
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Hot Glue

How to Make a Paper Plate Frog

Step 1: Paint the bottom of the paper plate with the light green color.

Step 2: Once the paint is dry, glue on green yarn to create some spots.

Tip: You can also just use dark green paint.

Step 3: Cut your toilet paper roll in half. Cover each half with green construction paper.

Step 4: Trace a circle from the roll onto black construction paper. Cut out the circle (slightly larger than what you traced). Glue this to one end of each of the cardboard roll halves. Repeat this step using green construction paper and glue to the back of the rolls.

Step 5: Glue on wiggle eyes to each of the rolls. Glue each roll onto the paper plate towards the front to create the frog’s eyes.

Tip: You can use white paper and black marker to make the eyes if you don’t have wiggle eyes.

Step 6: With the green card stock or craft foam, cut out two back legs and two front legs. You can use this template or create your own legs. Glue these to the sides of the plate.

Step 7: With the red paper, cut out a tongue for the frog. Glue this to the inside portion of the plate.

You can set this paper plate frog craft for kids on a table or glue a paper clip on the plate for hanging.