Paper Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Kids Fall Crafts

This adorable and easy paper pumpkin craft is perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving and kids fall crafts project. Even though these are extremely easy and inexpensive, they add a nice decoration to your home for the fall holidays. So grab some orange paper, some fun shaped craft scissors and some glue or tape and let’s make some pumpkins.


  • Orange Card Stock or Construction Paper
  • Craft Scissors
  • Glue or Tape
  • Fall Leaves
  • Natural Rope Ribbon

How to Make a Paper Pumpkin Craft

Step 1: Cut three long strips about 1 inch wide with the orange paper. Use craft scissors that have a designed edge for an extra added touch to this fall craft idea.

Step 2: Lay the strips on the table forming an asterisk shape with the centers lined up. Make sure they are evenly spaced apart.

Step 3: Now glue or tape the strips together one at a time.

Step 4: Once the glue is dry, take the top strip and bring the two edges together. Tape or glue in place at the top.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 for the remaining two strips.

Step 6: Cut off a small length of the rope ribbon. Glue this on top of the pumpkin to create a stem.

Step 7: Lastly add some fall colored leaves on top of the pumpkin near the stem. The leaves can be real or plastic.

Tip: If using real leaves you will want to clear coat them to help preserve them.

That’s all there is to this really easy pumpkin craft. You can set these out for some fall decorations. Keep them on the table through Halloween and Thanksgiving for some colorful holiday decorations.

In addition to this paper pumpkin craft try all these pumpkins for the holidays. If you are making them for Halloween, add some eyes, nose and a mouth. If you want them for some fall decorations or Thanksgiving, just leave off the facial features.