Party Hat Crafts for Kids

These party hat crafts are perfect for New Years, birthdays or any celebration you have. Kids will have a blast making these hats and wearing them for the party. 

The craft supplies needed for these hats are inexpensive and readily available which means you can make a hat for everyone joining in on the party. Even adults will have fun wearing and making these fun kids crafts.

Paper Plate Party Hat Crafts

Paper plates make the perfect party hat and the perfect size for kids. Decorating these hats is the fun part so get out the glitter glue, crayons, markers, paints and beads.


  • Dinner Sized Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, Markers, Paint or Glitter Glue

How to make a Paper Plate Party Hat

Step 1Decorate the rim of the plate with what ever colors you want.  
Step 2Poke a hole in the center of the plate and cut into several triangles, oval shapes or any shape you want for your hat.  You can even cut out the entire inner circle and just have the rim of the plate as your party hat.   Tip:  Only cut down to the end of the inner circle.   
Step 3Fold the triangles up so that when you wear your party hat you will see the shapes.   
Step 4Decorate these triangles with crayons, marker or glitter glue.  You can even glue on pony beads to give it a fancier look.  

Let the paper hat craft dry completely and then it’s ready to wear for the party.If you need to make the plate a bit bigger, simply cut out more of the middle. 

If you need to make it smaller, you can simply cut the paper plate rim in the back and then staple or glue into a tighter position to fit the head.  Or you can staple on some string or ribbon to hold the hat in place.

Pipe Cleaner Party Hat Crafts

These party hats are fun and easy to make.  They only require pipe cleaners but you can add more.

Pipe Cleaner Party Hat Crafts


  • Several Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Craft Foam or Construction Paper (optional)

How to make a Pipe Cleaner Party Hat

Step 1Take 1 to 3 pipe cleaners and twist the ends together to form a crown.  Fit to the child’s head to make sure you have the right amount of pipe cleaners.  
Step 2Take several other pipe cleaners and twist onto the party hat.  Now bend these into the shape you want.  
Step 3Optional:  Cut out several shapes with craft foam or construction paper. Attach these to the pipe cleaners that are sticking up by poking through the pipe cleaner.  Bend the pipe cleaner back to hold in place.   Decorate your attached shapes with words or designs.  
How to make a Pipe Cleaner Party Hat

These party hat crafts are fun to wear and easy to make.  You can shape into anthing you can imagine making them perfect for New Year’s party hats, birthday party hats or any celebration.

Paper Party Hat Crafts

These traditional paper party hats are quick and easy and can be decorated for any occassion.

Paper Party Hat Crafts


  • News Paper or Construction Paper
  • Crayons, Markers
  • Paint or Glitter Glue

How to make a Paper Party Hat

Step 1Cone Shaped Party Hat   Take 2 pieces of construction paper place side by side at the long edge and tape together.  
Step 2Fold in half (where it is taped) and trace a line from the corner down to about 3″ from the bottom.  Cut along this line.  
Step 3Fold the bottom up about 1″ to make a brim for the hat.  
Step 4Bring the two bottom ends together and fasten in the back.  You can use tape, glue or a paper fastener.
Step 5Traditional Folded Paper Hat   Using the full length of a newspaper page (or tape two pieces of construction paper together at the long end), fold in half bringing the two shorter edges together at the top of your work area.
Step 6With the folded edge towards you, take a corner (from the folded edge) and fold up to the center line (forming a triangle shape).   Repeat for the other corner.
Step 7From the top (unfolded edges) take one side and fold down to where the triangles meet the center.  Flip the hat over and repeat on the other side.
Step 8Open up the hat and it’s ready for wearing.  Decorate your hat to fit the party event.
How to make a Paper Party Hat

These paper party hat crafts are easy and inexpensive so you can make one for everyone at the celebration.  You can even customize them to include that person’s name on their hat.