Pilgrim Bonnet Craft

Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

This pilgrim bonnet craft is very easy and is lots of fun to make. You can set this out for some Thanksgiving decorations or turn it into an interesting centerpiece for the dinner table.

There is some waiting time for this kids Thanksgiving crafts idea as the paint dries on the terracotta pot. So if you have lots of kids waiting to make this craft, you may want to do it in stages. Just paint one day and finish the next day. Or if you want you can do the painting ahead of time and then let the kids create the bonnet and glue together.


  • 1 Small Terracotta Pot
  • Yellow Felt
  • Yellow Ribbon
  • Gold Acrylic Paint (spray or brush on)
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors

How to Make a Pilgrim Bonnet Craft

Step 1: Measure a piece of felt that will fit over the pot from one end to the next. Basically, the felt should be twice as long as the pot is tall.

Step 2: Then make the width of the felt half as much as the length.

Step 3: Paint the terracotta pot with the gold paint and set aside to dry.

Tip: You can pick what ever color you want, just make the felt a matching or complimentary color.

Step 4: Take the piece of felt and on one of the long edges, fold it over about 1/2 inch and glue in place.

Step 5: On the opposite edge (the side not folded), cut two slits about 1/2 way to the middle to make three evenly spaced tabs.

Step 6: Once the pot is dry, place the felt on the pot with the folded edge in front. Glue the front in place.

Step 7: In the back, fold down the middle tab and glue in place. Now fold the left tab over on top of the middle tab and glue in place. Fold down the last tab over the other tabs and glue in place.

Step 8: Cut two lengths of ribbon and glue these in front at the bottom of the bonnet.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Craft Idea

If you want to take this Pilgrim bonnet craft one step further, then make this the center of a dinner table centerpiece.

Centrepiece Supplies

  • Large Stury Plastic Plate
  • Plastic Leaves
  • Plastic Fruits
  • Fall Colored Material

How to Make a Pilgrim Bonnet Centerpiece

Step 1: Cut or tear several pieces of fall colored material. We used some dish towels bought at a discount store.

Step 2: Glue these pieces around your plastic plate to create a patchwork look.

Step 3: Now place your bonnet on the plate. You can place it in the center, up front or towards the back. We put ours near the front and then the other pieces all around it.

Step 4: Now glue fall leaves and plastic fruit around the table to create the finished centerpiece. We added a few leaves on top of the bonnet as well.

Just place this centerpiece at your Thanksgiving dinner table. Your guests will be amazed and how beautiful it is and how colorful this Thanksgiving decoration turned out.