Pipe Cleaner Bat Craft for Kids

This pipe cleaner bat craft makes a perfect Halloween craft idea for kids. You can make dozens of these flying creatures and hang them everywhere to scare your friends and family.

With just a few pipe cleaners, some shaping skills, eyes and glue you can have this guy up and flying in no time.

You can even make a bat mobile from all your pipe cleaner bats. Find a good scary looking tree branch. Tie a string around each bat and then hang each one at different lengths from the tree branch.

This will make a really great outdoor hanging Halloween decoration for your trick or treaters.

Pipe Cleaner Bat Craft for Kids


  • 4 Black pipe cleaners
  • 2 small wiggles eyes
  • Hot glue or tacky glue

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Bat

Step 1: Take a full length of pipe cleaner and form a wing. Start with the arch at the top of the wing and bring to a point. Bend this point up and create a small arc aiming back down. Repeat for another point and arc. Bring the two ends together and hot glue in place.

Step 2: Take another full length of pipe cleaner and create the other wing. Glue the two ends together.

Step 3: Using another full pipe cleaner, bend it in half. Place this in between both wings with the non folded end at the top. The two tips of this pipe cleaner will be the bats ears.

Step 4: Shape the bottom with a slightly pointed end. Now take the last pipe cleaner and begin to wrap it around both wings to form a slightly oval shaped body.

Step 5: Using the hot glue, glue on two small wiggle eyes. This step should be done by or supervised by an adult. Since the wiggle eyes are so small this can be a difficult step for kids.

There you have a fun and fuzzy looking bat. Don’t worry about making the wings perfect. Each bat can look slightly different giving each one their own personality.