Plastic Spoon Flowers

These plastic spoon flowers are unique and different from the typical flower crafts.  You can create sturdy and beautiful flowers with just a handful of plastic spoons, hot glue and paint. 

Some of these crafts for flowers are a bit more difficult and are geared towards older kids.  However, with adult supervision, even the younger kids can have fun making these flowers.  Try these out for a fun spring craft, Mother’s day gift, Valentine’s craft or just to help decorate your house.

To see how to make the vases for these plastic spoon flowers, be sure to visit the vase crafts for kids page.

Plastic Spoon Flower Craft #1

Water Lily

This one looks great sitting on your table.  Place it on a blue mat or paper to simulate the look of water.

Water Lily


  • 14 Plastic Spoons
  • Decorative Button or Paper
  • Green Felt
  • Sturdy Scissors or Diagonal Cutters
  • Hot Glue
  • Thin Cardboard

How to Make a Plastic Spoon Water Lily

Step 1 Cut the stem portion of the spoon off leaving about 1/4″ for gluing.  
Step 2Cut a piece of cardboard into a circle shape 3 inches in diameter.  
Step 3Using the hot glue, glue 5 spoon bowls on the outer edge of the circle cardboard spacing evenly around the circle.  
Step 4Take five more spoon bowls and glue these in between the first 5 spoons slightly in closer to the middle of the circle.  For this layer, angle the spoons slightly upwards.  
Step 5Glue the last four spoons onto the cardboard.  Again angling the spoons higher and in closer to the middle.  
Step 6Glue on a decorative button for the middle of the flower.   Tip:  You can also use card stock or craft foam and decorate it anyway you want.  
Step 7Lastly, cut out two leaf shapes with green felt.  Glue these to the bottom of the cardboard.  

Another flower craft idea for this one is to use colored spoons.  You can alternate with white and your choosen color and make your water lily all one color.

Plastic Spoon Flower Craft Idea #2


This one is fairly simple and the younger kids can give it a try.  You will need an adult to help with the hot glue gun.



  • 1 Plastic Spoon per tulip
  • Permanent Marker or Paint
  • Green Pipe Cleaners

How to Make Plastic Spoon Tulips

Step 1Paint the back bowl side of the spoon the desired color for your tulip. Let this dry completely.  
Step 2Using a complementing color, paint a triangle starting from the edge of the top of the spoon and come down to a point for the triangle.  This will create the look of a tulip.  
Step 3Paint the handle green to create the stem.  
Step 4Fold a pipe cleaner into leaf shapes and wrap it around the stem.  

Just stick your tulip in a styrofoam ball to display this cute flower.  You can make a vase as well and use floral foam or clay to hold in place.

Plastic Spoon Flower Craft Idea #3


The directions below are for the roses with a “slumped” petal which requires working with a candle and is intended for older kids with supervision.  If your younger child wants to try this craft, you can do this without using a candle.


  • 8 Plastic Spoons
  • Permanent Marker or Paint
  • Sturdy Scissors or Diagonal Cutters
  • Hot Glue
  • Candle
  • Green Tissue Paper
  • Ribbon

How to Make Plastic Spoon Roses

Step 1To create a petal look (called slumping the spoon), light a candle and hold a spoon about 2″ above the flame.  The spoon should be bowl side down facing the flame.  
Step 2Hold the spoon to where the tip of the spoon is receiving the heat. Hold in place until you see the spoon “slump”.  
Step 3Remove the spoon from the flame and press the tip against a hard surface (like the the table) to bend the tip back to create the petal.   Tip:  For the first two spoons, bend back only slightly.  These will be the center of the rose.  
Step 4Paint your spoons the color you want (if using white spoons).  Color the folded part of the petal (where you bent it back) a slightly darker matching color.  
Step 5Hot glue your first 2 spoons together keeping the handle on the spoon.  
Step 6Slump your next two spoons creating a slightly larger fold in the petal. Paint the spoons.  Cut off the handle of the spoon leaving about 1/2″ for gluing to the first two spoons.  
Step 7Glue these two spoons to the first two spoons but place these so they are on each edge of the first two spoons (meaning facing each other but in the opposite direction of the first two spoons.  
Step 8Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the remaining spoons creating a larger slump with each row of petals.  Be sure to glue these on the opposite side of the last set of spoons.  
Step 9Lastly, wrap the tissue paper around the stem and part way up the rose to cover all the edges of the cut spoons.  Tie it off with a bow and give this to mom for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.  

If you want to do this rose craft without the candle and slumping of the petals, simply follow all the steps above skipping the slumping.  You will still get a beautiful rose but it will be more of a rose bud without the petals opening.  We placed a small pine cone in the center of ours to give it a different look.