Rainbow Crafts for Kids

These rainbow crafts are perfect for St Patrick’s Day or fun spring crafts.  Catch all the colors of the rainbow with these kids craft ideas. 

Crafts on this page include a fun sun catcher rainbow a windchime, an eggshell mosaic and a lifesavers rainbow craft that you can make and then eat (yum!).

So get out some colored paper, paints, markers and let’s go to town making colorful rainbows.  Just use the list below to find the craft you want to try.  The link will take you directly to the section of this page for that craft.  If you want to see them all, simply scroll through the page.

Rainbow Crafts for Kids #1

Craft Stick Windchime

Okay, maybe it doesn’t exactly chime as much as it clunks but it’s still a pretty neat looking windchime.  If you want some chime sounds, just add some string and bells at the end of the rainbow.

Craft Stick Windchime


  • 52 Colored Craft Sticks (13 for each of 4 colors)
  • White Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Colored Yarn or Ribbon
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush
  • Hot Glue

How to Make a Rainbow Craft Stick Windchime

Step 1Glue 4 craft sticks together alternating colors.   Tip:  Use an object to ensure consistent spacing between each set of colors.  If you use plain craft sticks, simply color each one before gluing.  
Step 2Repeat this for all the craft sticks.  You will end up with 13 groups of colored sticks.  
Step 3Arrange the sticks to form an “arc” for the rainbow (see picture).  Now glue string on the back of each of the 13 groups and tie each off on the wooden dowel.   Tip:  If is easier to ensure proper spacing if you tie the sting to the wooden dowel first then determine the proper length for each set.  
Step 4Use some ribbon or string and tie to each end of the wooden dowel for hanging.  

For a fun and cute look to this rainbow craft, you can cut out some shamrocks using green craft foam and hang this is different spots from the craft sticks or add some bells here and there.

Rainbow Crafts for Kids #2


This one is easy and really inexpensive but looks great in any window to catch the sun.



  • Waxed Paper
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Laminator
  • Streamers
  • Tape
  • Craft Foam Shamrock (optional)

How to Make a Rainbow Suncatcher

Step 1Layout some wax paper (about the size of regular paper if you want to laminate it). Tip:  To make it easier to paint, tape the wax paper down.  
Step 2Paint your rainbow using 4 to 5 different colors. Tip:  Don’t put the paint on too heavy as you want the sun to shine through.  
Step 3Cut out your rainbow and laminate it following the directions of your laminator. Tip:  If you don’t have a laminator, you can use clear contact paper on each side (front and back).  This can be a bit tricky so may need help from an adult.  
Step 4Optional:  After laminating, cut out around the rainbow.  Tape on some streamers and hang a shamrock from the middle.  

This rainbow craft will look great hanging in your window to get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit.

Rainbow Crafts for Kids #3

Lifesavers Rainbow Treat

This is a great rainbow kids craft for a school party.  Not only is it a rainbow but it’s edible so the kids can have a treat.

Lifesavers Rainbow Treat


  • Lifesavers (individually wrapped in different colors)
  • Straws
  • Double Stick Tape
  • Terracotta Pot
  • Ceramic Gold Paint (or yellow)
  • Floral Foam

How to Make a Life Saver Rainbow

Step 1Place double stick tape on a straw and stick on a lifesavers of different colors.  
Step 2Repeat this for the other straws and lifesavers keeping the same colored pattern for each straw.   Tip:  For a bigger rainbow, use more straws and lifesavers or less for a smaller one.  
Step 3Paint your terracotta pot and let dry.  Place some shamrock stickers on for added St. Patrick’s Day decorations.  
Step 4Cut some floral foam to fit in the pot.  Simply arrange your straws to form a rainbow of lifesavers.  

This one is really simple and tasty and perfect for St Patrick’s Day parties.

Rainbow Crafts for Kids #4

Mosaic Egg Shell Rainbow Art

This one takes a bit of time and patience but has a unique look that will make a beautiful rainbow picture.

Mosaic Egg Shell Rainbow Art


  • Egg Shells
  • Water Colors
  • Blue Card Stock
  • Glue
  • Pencil

How to Make a Mosaic Rainbow

Step 1Take your egg shells and crush them up.   Tip:  These do not have to be real small as they will crush up a bit more when you press it to the glue.  
Step 2On the card stock, etch out your drawing.  You can just do a rainbow or add the sun and a cloud if you want.  
Step 3Place glue where you have outline your picture.   Tip:  Do smaller sections at a time in order to prevent the glue from drying.  
Step 4Using the water colors, paint the egg shells.  

This makes a really fun art project for something different.  The mosaic look gives it a very artsy look.

Rainbow Crafts for Kids #5

Baby Food Jar Rainbow Pincushion

This makes a great gift for those who like to sew or need a straight pin or button now and then.

Baby Food Jar Rainbow Pincushion


  • Small Baby Food Jar
  • Green Buttons (or any color is fine)
  • Colored Straight Pins
  • Cotton Balls
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Hot Glue Gun

How to Make a Rainbow Pin Cushion

Step 1Clean out your baby food jar and soak in warm soapy water to help remove the label.  
Step 2Cut a piece of green cloth two or three times the size of the jar lid.  
Step 3Hot glue the cloth onto the rim of the lid (on the outside).  Pinch (or pleat) the cloth as you go.  Do this half way around the lid.  
Step 4Stuff the cotton balls under the cloth and finish gluing the cloth to the lid.  Cut off excess cloth leaving just a bit to hang over the lid.
Step 5Fill the jar with green buttons.  If you don’t want to have the buttons but just the pin cushion, then color some white rice green and fill the jar.  
Step 6Place the lid on the jar and tie a bow around the lid to hide the rubber band.  
Step 7Place your colored stick pins on the pin cushion lid in the shape of an arc for you rainbow.  Use 3 to 4 different colored pins.  

For the younger kids, you will need to supervise as they place the pins into the shape of a rainbow to make sure they don’t hurt themselves.  Also, adult assistance is needed for the hot gluing of the cloth.