Scarecrow Crafts for Kids

Scarecrow crafts make a great craft idea for kids to make at Halloween, Thanksgiving or as a fun fall kids craft. This little guy is made from craft sticks, some fall colored cloth and of course some straw to finish it off.

Scarecrows are used by farmers to “scare” away birds that would eat their crop. They have been around for over 3,000 years. The scarecrows have ranged from wooden frames to rags stuffed with straw. They were set in the fields in hopes of scarying off the birds.

Over the years the scarecrow has become a symbol of fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. So make this kids craft idea for the fall holidays for a fun table top decoration.


  • 1 Large Craft Stick
  • 2 Regular Craft Sticks
  • 2 Small Craft Sticks
  • Fall Colored Cloth
  • Straw
  • Small Styrofoam Ball
  • Medium Styrofoam Ball
  • Orange Paint
  • White or Tan Paint
  • Netting (optional)
  • Black Paper
  • Wooden BBQ Stick
  • Google Eyes
  • Hot Glue
  • Brown Paper

How to Make a Scarecrow Craft

Step 1: Using a craft knife, cut off the bottom of the medium to large sized styrofoam ball to makd the bottom flat. Paint the ball orange and set aside to dry.

Paint the small styrofoam ball with white or tan paint. As an option you can also cover the head with a netting like cloth to simulate straw.

Step 2: Cover the 2 small craft sticks with cloth. We used a patch work pattern from a dish cloth. Add a few pieces of straw at the end to form the straw hands.

Step 3: Cover the 2 regular sized craft sticks with another color or pattern of cloth. Add some straw to form the feet.

Step 4: Now cover the large craft stick with the top half matching the cloth used for the arms and the bottom half matching the legs. Add some straw in between the two pieces of cloth.

Step 5: Attach the legs and arms to the back of the large craft stick.

Step 6: Place the head on the large craft stick (body). Press to slot this onto the stick. You can use a bit of hot glue to help hold it in place.

If you want, add a cute hat to the scarecrow using cloth. Cut out a circle shape and glue the edge around the head. Then bring the open ends together and fold under and glue in place. We add some straw and a cute star shaped bead to our hat.

Step 7: Cut out a half circle shape using another fall colored cloth for the hat. Fold over the straight edge to form a brim and glue some straw inside the fold. Glue the fold in place to hold in the straw.

Now glue the brim of the hat around the scarecrow’s head. Take the open ends (the top of the hat) and bunch together. Fold over and glue this fold to form the top of the hat.

You can accessorize your hat with a flower, buttons or something fun. We used a star shaped bead.

Step 8: Attach the wooden BBQ stick to the back of the scarecrow using hot glue.

Step 9: Take the medium ball you painted orange and draw on a pumpkin face if you are making this scarecrow craft for Halloween. Otherwise you can just leave it as a pumpkin.

Add some corn stalks using brown paper. Twist the paper at the bottom. Tear several strips at the top to form the stalks. Glue these to the side of the pumpkin.

You can also just use some straw and bundle it together and glue this to the sides of the pumpkin.

This scarecrow crafts idea will make a great Halloween decoration. Just leave him out for the entire fall season and into Thanksgiving. He will be sure to “scare” away any birds trying to eat your fall crops and Halloween goodies.