Thanksgiving Paper Crafts for Kids

Handprint Wreath Craft

Thanksgiving paper crafts really help get the kids into the spirit of the holiday and help parents and teachers save some money. This kids paper craft is a handprint wreath.

With some fall colored paper, a paper plate and the child’s hand (and some other simple craft supplies) you can have a great fall wreath to hang on the door for Thanksgiving.

So let’s get started and give thanks with this easy and inexpensive fall wreath.


  • Colored construction paper
  • Dinner sized paper plate
  • pencil (for tracing)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Marker (optional)

How to Make a Thanksgiving Paper Crafts Wreath

Step 1: Using several different colored construction paper, trace your hand and cut it out. Make several as they will need to go around the entire plate.

Step 2: Glue each hand on the plate with fingers pointing out. Be sure to leave some space in the center of the plate for your Thanksgiving message (see step 3).

Step 3: In the center of the plate, write “I am thankful for”. Write your name and the year. For the little ones, parents or teachers can write on the plate.

Step 4: On each hand, write something you are thankful for. Just think of anything and everything.

If you have more things you are thankful for, trying writing some of these on the fingers of the hands as well.

Step 5: Option: If you want to hang your plate on the wall, simply glue or staple string on the back of the plate for a hanger.

That’s it. You have just made a paper plate hand wreath and added your own special touch by saying what you are thankful for. You can repeat what you are thankful for when you have your Thanksgiving dinner.