Thanksgiving Place Card Holders

Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

These Thanksgiving place card holders make a fun and easy kids Thanksgiving crafts idea. From pilgrim hats to indian headbands or cornucopias to indian corn, these simple and inexpensive crafts will look great at your dinner table.

Make a different one for each guest or make them all the same but with different place cards for each person.

Just mix and match these kids Thanksgiving craft ideas to use at the dinner table. Use your imagination and come up with some new ideas as well.

These place card crafts use toilet paper rolls, paper, some fun accessories and other simple and easy to find craft supplies. Use the links below to go to the place card holder you want to try or scroll through the page to see them all.

Pilgrim Hat Place Card Holder

This one is easy but does require some time for the paint to dry.


  • 1 Toilet Paper Cardboard Roll
  • Black Paint
  • Black, Red and Yellow Paper
  • Glue or Tape
  • Scissors
  • Thanksgiving Clip Art (optional)

How to Make a Pilgrim Thanksgiving Place Card Holder

Step 1: Cut the cardboard tube in half in the middle. Paint one half. Use the other half to make a second pilgrim hat place card holder. Set aside to dry.

Step 2: Cut a round circle with the black paper about 1/2 inch larger in diameter than the toilet paper roll.

Step 3: Glue the cardboard tube to the round black paper. Now cut a small strip of red paper for a band around the hat. Glue or tape in place. Cut a buckle with the yellow paper and glue this on top of the red band.

Step 4: Now cut two small slits on either side of the hat to place the name card. Print out your name card using colorful Thanksgiving clip art. Or you can just write the name on a piece of paper.

For this Thanksgiving place card holder, just slide the name card in the slits and set it at the table where that person will sit.

Native American Indian Headband Place Card Holder

This is another really easy kids Thanksgiving craft idea using a toilet paper cardboard roll.


  • 1 Toilet Paper Cardboard Roll
  • Markers or Glitter Glue
  • Feathers
  • Glue or Tape
  • Scissors
  • Thanksgiving Clip Art
  • (optional)

How to Make a Native American Headband Place Card Holder

Step 1: Cut the cardboard tube into 4 equal parts. Each part can make a place card holder. Decorate the headband using markers or glitter glue.

Step 2: Glue on some feathers on the back of the headband.

Step 3: Cut two small slits on two sides of the headband and place the name tag in these slits.

That’s all there is to these Thanksgiving place card holders. One cardboard toilet paper roll will make four of the card holders.

Cornucopia Place Card Holder

These Thanksgiving place card holders will look great sitting at the table. You can either fill these up with plastic foods like gords, apples and pumpkins or fill them with some special treats for your guests.


  • 1 4 X 6 decorative card stock
  • Fall colored construction paper
  • Ribbon
  • Plastic food or treats
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape

How to Make a Cornucopia Place Card Holder

Step 1: Take your 4 x 6 paper and roll it into a cone shape. Tape it in place.

Step 2: Cut a length of ribbon and glue or tape this to the outside top edge of the cornucopia.

Step 3: Cut out several leaf shapes using the fall colored paper. Tape these to the opening of the cornucopia where they will hang out from the opening. On one of the leaves, write the persons name on it.

Now just fill up your cornucopia place card holder with plastic foods or a special treat for your guests. This kids Thanksgiving crafts for a place card holder was our favorite. It looks great sitting at the table.

Indian Corn Place Card Holder

This one takes a bit more time as there are lots of little dots (corn) to glue on.


  • 1 Toilet Paper Cardboard Roll
  • Yellow, red, brown and black paper
  • Stick Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch

How to Make Indian Corn Place Card Holders

Step 1: Cut two long slits down both sides of the cardboard tube to about half way down. Trim the tube to form oval (or corn) shapes on both sides cutting down to about 1/4 inch above the bottom of the slits.

Step 2: Using the hole punch, create lots of dots with the yellow, tan, red and black paper. Make sure to have more yellow than the other colors.

Step 3: Using the stick glue, spread on a generous amount of glue on the tube. Do this in small areas at a time. Now place the dots on the glue in rows and columns. Place random red, brown and black dots among the yellow dots.

Completely cover the front and sides of your tube. Don’t worry about covering the back as this will be where you place the corn stalks.

Step 4: Lastly, cut some corn stalks from the tan paper. You can use brown as well. Tape or glue these to the back of the indian corn.

Step 5: Cut one more corn stalk and write the person’s name on it. Make sure it is wide enough at the bottom to slide in the slits on either side of the tube. Slide in this piece of paper and set it at the table.

Picking up the small dots punched out with the hole punch can be a bit tricky. One easy way is to slightly wet the end of your finger and then press on the dot to pick it up.