Valentine Lamb Craft

Here is another heart shaped animals craft you can make for Valentine’s day. This one is just so adorable and fluffy looking. You can use craft foam or simple colored paper. We used paper as it was easier to cut the scallop shapes with our craft scissors.

  Although the directions below state to use craft scissors with a scalloped edge, you can use regular scissors and just cut wavy lines to give it a scalloped look. You can also just use straight edges but this adorable little lamb won’t look as fluffy.  

To see the directions, list of supplies and a picture of this Valentine kids craft keep scrolling through the page. If you want to try a different animal craft using heart shapes use the links below.  

Heart Shaped Animal  – Lamb

We made our lamb a girl by using pink and purple paper. You can select simple white paper or use a mix of your favorite colors to create this lamb craft.

Heart Shaped Animal  - Lamb


  • Colored paper or craft foam
  • Craft Scissors (with scallop edge)
  • Glue
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Markers

How to Make Heart Shaped Animals – Lamb

Step 1Take a piece of colored paper and fold in half. Using the craft scissors, cut out half a heart starting from the folded edge. Make this heart the biggest one for the lamb’s body.
Step 2Using a different color, cut out three medium sized hearts for the head and legs. Use the scalloped scissors again to give it a fluffy look. Take one of the hearts and cut in half.
Step 3Cut out four smaller hearts with the same color as the body. Cut one of these hearts in half (for the ears).
Step 4Now it’s time to start putting all the heart pieces together. Lay the large heart (lamb’s body) on the table with the point facing down. Take one of the medium sized hearts and glue this on top with the point also facing down (see picture above).
Step 5Take another medium sized heart and glue this to the bottom of the body with the point facing up. These are the lamb’s feet.
Step 6Take the 2 halves of the medium heart and glue these to the sides of the body to make the arms.
Step 7Glue on the ears to either side of the head. You can use a marker to make the insides of the ears. Then glue on the wiggle eyes. Use a black marker to make the nose.
Step 8Lastly, take the remaining small hearts and glue these to the back of the head.

Remember if you don’t have craft scissors with a fancy edge you can just use regular scissors and cut the hearts using a wavy pattern. Or if you want, just use the straight edge and put the lamb together as per the directions.